Contact Person

Teresa Fregoso

ELO Coordinator

(323) 399-5464


Extended Learning Opportunity

There are about 150 students particpating in our afterschool program that is offered through Extended Learning Opportunity (ELO).  Teresa Fregoso is the Site Director of ELO.  She coordinates the activities with the assistance and support of nine coaches.  The goal of the program is to provide students, in grades first through fifth, with a variety of learning activities that help the students in their physical and academic development.  BGE students have performed on various occasions and parents have been offered classes for further learning.  Students in ELO have elected student representatives that communicate their interest and innovative ideas with their coaches and with Ms. Fregoso. For BGE students, ELO is more than an afterschool program.  It is the time and place for them to further enjoy their learnng!  

ELO Hours